Publications & Awards


Sundress Publications 2020 Chapbook Contest Semi-Finalist

Best Presentation Award, Clute Institute (January 6, 2020)

Tennessee Press Award, 1st in Investigative Reporting (2007)

Tennessee Press Award, 4th in Education Reporting (2007)


“After the Fight” Red Mud Review (2004)

“Matador Red” Red Mud Review (2006)

“A Young Woman’s Footbinding: T’ang Dynasty” Words + Images (2006)

“Upon Facing the Firing Squad” Number One (2010)

“I Imagine My Father at 13 Working Sandy Acres” PRISM International (2014)

“Sidereal Sonnet” PRISM International (2014)

“Aubade” Sixfold  (2015)

“Haptics” Sixfold  (2015)

“Film Studies” Sixfold  (2015)

“For Our Children, Not Yet Born, I Preserve the Images of Animals” Sixfold (2015)

“Postcards from the Amer River” Sixfold  (2015)

“After Coasting, You Stop” Gamut (2016)

“Santa Muerte” Gamut (2016)

“Apolo en la Fragua de Vulcano” The Ekphrastic Review (2018)

“Ontogeny” Coffin Bell Journal (2018)

“How to Thwart a Baby Snatcher” Peculiars magazine (2019)

“Motherhood” Peculiars magazine (2019)

“Harridan” Dark Marrow (2019)

“Ornithology” Dark Marrow (2019)

“#metoo” Vamp Cat Magazine (2019)

“Samhain” Vamp Cat Magazine (2019)

Siren ScopuliRed Tree Review (2020)

“A Concise History of WildfireRed Tree Review (2020)

2 poems forthcoming Porkbelly Press (2021)

Articles and Web Content

Tyndall News Samples (The Leaf-Chronicle)

Tyndall Blog Samples (The Leaf-Chronicle)

The Benefits of a Cloud PBX (Technical Sample) 

BuzzFeed Community Samples (Pop Culture Sample)

Squatter’s Rites

Squatter’s Rites 2016 (advisor/editor/designer)

Squatter’s Rites 2015  (advisor/editor)

Squatter’s Rites 2014 (advisor/editor)


Particular Scandals by Julie L. Moore (book review)” New Madrid (2014)

Conference Presentations/Papers

“Ganking Peter Pan: How Sam and Dean Have ‘Full-on Swayze-d’ Generational Stereotypes” at Southwest Popular Culture & American Culture Association Conference (2013)

The Visionary Advisor: Running a Student Literary Journal at a Two-Year College Campus at Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference (2016)

The Midnight Club: Bad Moms & Dads of Riverdale at Popular Culture Association Conference (April 2019)

The Age of the Internet and Its Effect on Plagiarism and Creative Theft at 2020 Clute International Academic Conference (December 2019)

Adolescence in Film and Television III: “Stirring the Cauldron” – Let’s Talk Through Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (June 2021)

  Thesis Work

“Images of Savagery and the Justification for the Bush Presidents’ Iraq Wars” Austin Peay State University (2007)

“Haptics: Poems” Murray State University (2015)